Count of Ellsworth

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His Lordship
The Count of Ellsworth
Count of Ellsworth
Title held October 2004 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Spouse Gwen Truett
Issue ?
Father Quincy H. Truett
Born 1962

His Lordship, the Count of Ellsworth, Jeffrey Truett, is a member of the Peerage of Westarctica.


His Lordship is the son of Chief Petty Officer Quincy H. Truett, who was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for valor in action while serving in Vietnam. Following in his father's footsteps, the Count joined the U.S. Navy and served as a boiler technician prior to becoming a photographer's mate. During his career, he served onboard the USS Truett FF-1095, a ship named in honor of his father.

The Count met Grand Duke Travis in 2003 while both were serving in the U.S. Navy onboard the USS Kearsarge during Operation Iraqi Freedom. After expressing interest in the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, as Westarctica was known prior to 2004, Truett was granted the title Earl of Truett on 19 June 2003.

Shortly after the Grand Ducal Mandate was created in 2004, all the titles of the Achaean Territory were abolished. As new titles were being created, Truett was granted the title Duke of Ellsworth in recognition of his service to the Territory and friendship to the Grand Duke.

After the Grand Duke's return to power in 2010, Truett's title was lowered to Count of Ellsworth to reflect his lack of activity or continued interest in Westarctica, the title of Earl having been converted to Count in 2004.


After being raised to the rank of Duke, Truett designed a postage stamp that would be used in his Duchy. However, the stamp was never actually printed or put into circulation. As a graphic designer and photographer, the Count served as an artistic advisor to the Grand Duke on many occasions.

He also expressed an interest in pioneering a robotics program to provide automated, remote surveillance over Westarctica's territory.

Stamp designed by the Count of Ellsworth during the time when he was a Duke.