Countess de Ferrero

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Her Ladyship
Countess de Ferrero
Countess de Ferrero
Title Held 12 June 2024 - Present
Preceded by Title Created
Consort of Westarctica
Position Held 12 June 2024 - Present
Preceded by Prince Dinny
Partner Grand Duke Travis

Her Ladyship, Alicia dos Santos, the Countess de Ferrero, a Brazilian fashion model and social media influencer, is a peer in the Peerage of Westarctica. Since June 2024, she has been the royal consort of Grand Duke Travis.


The countess is a citizen of Brazil, where she was born.

She primarily works as a fashion model, frequently performing in runway shows for the Sukeban brand and other clothing designers. In January 2024, Alicia became one of the faces of Hatrevo sunglasses.

In June 2024, she began co-hosting a video podcast focusing on LGBTQ+ issues in São Paulo.

Relationship with Grand Duke Travis

Alicia was introduced to Grand Duke Travis by a mutual friend at party in São Paulo, Brazil on 26 May 2023. They quickly struck up a friendship and began talking over social media soon after before entering a romantic relationship later that December.

On 12 June 2024, Grand Duke Travis proposed to her. To celebrate their engagement, she was granted the title Countess de Ferrero, which is derived from the vast Ferrero Bay in Westarctica's coastal waters.


It is anticipated that once Her Ladyship is married to the Grand Duke of Westarctica, she will be granted the title of Grand Duchess.

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