Davis Promontory

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Davis Promontory is a low promontory, completely snow-covered, near the northeastern end of the Havola Escarpment.

Discovery and name

This southward facing promontory was occupied by the United States Antarctic Research Program Horlick Mountains Traverse party during the 1960–61 research season. The Davis Promontory was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names for Walter L. Davis, Chief Construction Mechanic, U.S. Navy, who wintered over at Ellsworth Station in 1957, and Byrd Station in 1960.

Davis was also a member of the 11 man tractor party, led by Major Antero Havola, that journeyed from Byrd Station to South Pole Station during the 1960–61 season. On December 25, 1960, that party passed a few miles northward of this promontory.