Emperor Claudio I of Reunion

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Emperor Claudio I

His Holy Imperial Majesty Emperor Claudio I of Reunion is the ruler of the Brazil-based micronation Holy Empire of Reunion.

Claudio first became active in micronationalism in October 1996. As one of the founders of the Holy Empire of Reunion, he is the longest-reigning South American micronationalist. In May 2009, Claudio was elected Secretary-General of the League of Secessionist States.


Claudio found out about Micronationalism in 1996, while doing a research paper about small monarchies, such as Liechtenstein and Monaco. He accidentally discovered the Kingdom of Talossa and was amazed to find out that there were more micronations in the world.

In October, 1996, Claudio joined a micronation called O País, which existed for a very short period of time. Inspired by the Talossan project, he founded, with his friend Bernardo Bauer, a new micronation called the Viceroyship of Reunion, which began as an autonomous part of O País. After a few months being both Viceroy of Réunion and Imperial Chancellor of O País, he decided to do something about the growing interventionism of Paisean authorities in his Viceroyship.

So, on the 28 August 1997, he declared Réunion an independent nation, calling it the Holy Empire of Reunion. Born an anglophone micronation, it slowly started to conduct its matters in Portuguese, until the year 1999, when such a high majority of lusophones made it impossible to keep the nation bilingual.

The Réunian Emperor is considered to have a huge network of micronational contacts, which include from Fabrice O'Driscoll to Peter Ravn Rasmussen, Christopher Thieme and Pedro Aguiar.

Claudio de Castro still holds office as Emperor of the Holy Empire, and is the founder of the League of Monarchist States. Castro is also the Secretary General of the League of Secessionist States and is considered to be a very influential micronationalist, portrayed by the macronational media, frequently.

On 16 March 2023, the emperor participated in a State Visit with Westarctica in old town Rio de Janeiro.

Personal life

By profession, Claudio is a lawyer and a real estate businessman. In 2004, he married Roberta de Castro.

Full title

His Holy Imperial Majesty, Claudio the First, by the Grace of God and Acclamation of the People, Holy Emperor of Reunion, Grand Duke of Le Port, Straussia, Fournaise, Conservatoria and Dabliu, Count of Amapa, Eternal Defender of the Faith, Head of the Imperial House of de Castro-Bourbon.