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A viceroy (/ˈvaɪsrɔɪ/) is an official who reigns over a polity in the name of and as the representative of the monarch of the territory.

The term derives from the Latin prefix vice-, meaning "in the place of" and the Anglo-Norman roy, meaning "king." This denotes the position as one who acts on behalf of a king or monarch. A viceroy's territory may be called a viceroyalty, though this term is not always applied. The adjective form is viceregal, less often viceroyal. The term vicereine is sometimes used to indicate a female viceroy suo jure, although viceroy can serve as a gender-neutral term. Vicereine is more commonly used to indicate a viceroy's wife, known as the viceregal consort.

The position of a viceroy is by royal appointment rather than a peerage title.

In Westarctica

The most prominent viceroy in Westarctica is Crown Prince Ashton Roman, who was appointed Viceroy of Peter I Island on 15 January 2005, when he was only 1-year-old. This title was intended to be merely a courtesy title for the heir to the throne with no real authority. Prince Ashton bore this ceremonial title even during the years when his father, Grand Duke Travis, was not the reigning Grand Duke of Westarctica.

The second viceroy appointed by the government of Westarctica was the Viceroy of Calsahara. After the 2017 invasion of Calsahara by the Westarctican Royal Guards, the reigning King of Calsahara was dethroned and given the title Viceroy of Calsahara. To ensure his cooperation with the colonial administration, a military governor, the Captain-General of Calsahara was simultaneously appointed as co-executive of the colony.

This set a precedent for all future colonial governors to bear the title of prince, viceroy, or both.

Standardization of colonial viceroys

On 15 March 2024, Grand Duke Travis issued a Royal Decree naming four colonial governors as viceroys over their respective territories. These princely authorities were given the power of the Grand Duke within their colony. This decree was the first step in granting increased autonomy to Westarctica's colonial possessions.

In the order of precedence, viceroys occupy the status formerly held by the colonial governors, above peers, but under high government officials.

Current Westarctican viceroys


Most Westarctican viceroys possess princely titles in the Peerage of Westarctica that accord them a variation of the style "Your Highness," but viceroys without a princely title are accorded the style "Your Viceroyal Highness."