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The Westarctican title of prince or princess is held by a peer who is only superseded in the order of precedence by the Grand Duke (or theoretically Grand Duchess). The title directly beneath it is that of duke.

Usage in Westarctica

There are four kinds of princely titles in Westarctica:

  • Prince-Consort
  • Prince of the Blood
  • Lineal Prince/Princess
  • Noble Prince/Princess


The only male royal consort of Westarctica, Prince-Consort Dinny was the first person to bear that title in Westarctica's history. In 2015, he was originally made a noble prince with the subordinate title Marquis of Sarnoff. When he married Grand Duke Travis in 2016, he was elevated to a member of the Royal Family and granted the title "Prince-Consort" as the spouse of the sovereign with the style "Your Royal Highness." When the royal couple divorced in November 2022, his title reverted to "Prince Dinny, Marquis of Sarnoff."

Prince of the Blood

A prince of the blood is any child of the Grand Duke of Westarctica. Currently, this includes his two sons, Crown Prince Ashton Roman and Prince Daniel Nicholas. Princes of the blood bear the style "Your Royal Highness."

Lineal Prince/Princess

A lineal prince/princess is also known as a "royal prince/princess" with the style "Your Highness." They have a significant amount of autonomy from the Crown over their lands. These titles have been very rarely bestowed and each was the result of unique circumstances. Lineal princes bear no subordinate titles.

Noble Prince/Princess

The majority of princely titles in Westarctica belong to noble princes and princesses. These peers bear the style of "Your Serene Highness." All members of this peerage rank also have a subordinate title (usually that of duke\duchess, although variations exist) in addition to their princely title. They are generally known by their first name, or are sometimes called only by their subordinate ducal title.

Notable Princes and Princesses

Ranks in the Peerage of Westarctica
Previous Rank This Rank Next Rank
Duke Prince Grand Duke