Princess of Thurston

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Her Highness
The Princess of Thurston
Princess of Thurston
Reign 4 June 2005 - Present
Consort None
Issue None
Mother Lady Thurston
Born ?

Her Highness, the Princess of Thurston, Kerry Mott is a royal member of the Peerage of Westarctica. Since 2005, Her Highness has ruled over Thurston Island.

Coronation ceremony

The coronation ceremony of Her Highness, Princess Kerry of Thurston, took place at her family estate in rural Pennsylvania on 4 June 2005. Princess Kerry's mother, Lady Thurston, won the title for her daughter at an online auction, and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess decided to present the title in person and perform a regal coronation.

Coat of arms of the Princess

The coat of arms of the Princess of Thurston was created exclusively for the Princess by her personal herald, the Honorable Neil Sweeney, and granted by Grand Duke Travis. The inscription below the crest states: Saol fada agus rath ort in Gaelic translating to English as "Long Life and Prosperity."

The Crest Design: The stars, on the azure background, represent the only constellation which can be seen in the southern hemisphere: The Southern Cross. In addition, it contains 5 stars, which represent the 5 mountains on the Isle of Thurston. Next, the lioness is a sign of Protestantism, of feminity, of Mt. Holyoke College, and of her title on the purple background.

In the lower portion of the crest, the Irish harp represents the Princess's many musical and artistic talents. It also represents the music of the spheres, which Pythagorus, the ancient mathematician, (a subject in which the Princess excels), believed to be the key to understanding the wonders of the universe. Finally, as a tribute to Westarctica, the continent of Antarctica is a world-wide, agreed upon safe-haven for whales, which are the most amazing of mammals. The Princess has a particular interest in the humpback whale because of its vestigial legbone, because of its ability to follow the stars due to a peculiar placement of its eyes, because it communicates musically, and because she has seen them "breaching" in both Hawaii and Alaska. Once you have been so close as to be sprayed by a breaching humpback whale, it is difficult not to be filled with wonder.