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A royal consort is the spouse of a reigning monarch. Consorts of the monarchs of Westarctica have no constitutional status or power, but many have had significant influence. Westarctica is somewhat unique in that any long-term romantic partner of the monarch may be given special status as a royal consort, even if they are not legally married.

The longest-serving consort, Prince Dinny, was the consort of Grand Duke Travis from 2015 - 2022, although they were not legally married prior to 2016, the prince was accorded the status of royal consort in April 2015. As of 2022, he is the only male consort of a monarch of Westarctica.

The first Westarctican royal consort was the Consular-Consort, the unmarried partner of the Consul-General from 2003 - 2004 when Westarctica was known as the Achaean Territory of Antarctica. Her specific function and role was outlined in the Achaean Royal Charter. The charter required the Consular-Consort to be a female.

Title and style

Most royal consorts will share the style of the monarch: His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness.

The consort's title will usually be the female equivalent of the monarch's title: Grand Duchess, as has been the case through most of Westarctica's history. In the case of a same sex partnership, the consort receives a title one rank below that of the monarch. This is the standard practice for courtesy titles of noble peers in same sex relationships.

List of Westarctican royal consorts

Portrait Name Dates Tenure Spouse
Consular-Consort.jpg Consular-Consort Rebecca February 2003 - April 2004 1 year, 37 days Consul-General of the Achaean Territory
Queen Cathryn.jpg Grand Duchess Cathryn November 2004 - January 2006 1 year, 56 days Grand Duke Travis
GD Melinda.png Grand Duchess Melinda January 2006 - December 2008 2 years, 351 days Grand Duke Philip
GD Lisa.png Grand Duchess Lisa December 2008 - June 2010 1 year, 152 days Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence
Prince Dinny Background.jpg Prince-Consort Dinny April 2015 - November 2022 7 years, 221 days Grand Duke Travis