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His Grace
The Duke of Moulton-Berlin
Count of Byrd
Baron of Schuylkill
Knight of the Orca
Knight Commander of the Snowflake
Companion of Westarctica
Knight Commander in the Holy Order of The Cross

Grand Duke of Westarctica
Reign 30 December 2008 - 2 June 2010
Preceded by Grand Duke Philip
Successor Grand Duke Travis
In Office April 2020 - Present
Preceded by Office Established
Chief Herald of Westarctica
In Office 2004 - 2010
Preceded by Office Established
Successor Michael Richards
Consort Lisa, Duchess of Ames (m. 2009)
Issue Baron of Maricopa
Count Liam of Lind
Father ?
Mother ?
Born 1974

Jon-Lawrence Langer, the Duke of Moulton-Berlin is a member of the Old Guard of Westarctica, having been a citizen and a member of the Peerage of Westarctica since 2004. His Grace was instrumental in helping build the early foundations of Westarctica and he was responsible for guiding Grand Duke Travis both as a mentor and a close aide. A sometimes controversial figure in Westarctica's history, Jon-Lawrence served as Grand Duke of Westarctica from 2008 - 2010, when his rule was overthrown in a coup led by Grand Duke Travis and the Minister of Defense, Wolf Tulier.

Life Before Westarctica

His Grace was born in the United States in 1974.

Prior to his involvement with Westarctica, the Duke served in the United States Air Force. After several years of honorable service, he was discharged due to a disabling injury that occurred in the line of duty.

Career in Westarctica

Jon-Lawrence was one of the earliest citizens of Westarctica having joined on April 7, 2004, while the country was still being called the Achaean Territory. This makes his citizenship technically older than Westarctica itself. His enthusiasm for the new country project as well as his thoughtful ideas for moving Westarctica forward immediately impressed the Grand Duke and he quickly became a trusted advisor to the crown. Jon-Lawrence was one of the only peers of Westarctica to be granted the right to create and bestow his own orders of knighthood. He created two: the Order of the Tiger and the Order of St. Valentine. Both orders were sparingly bestowed, but the Order of the Tiger was one of the awards presented to President Kevin Baugh of Molossia during Westarctica's first state visit.

As Chief Herald

The Langer Ruby

One of Jon-Lawrence's most significant contributions to Westarctica were the armorial achievements he created on behalf of the nation. As Chief Herald, he created the Westarctican College of Arms and designed the first coat of arms for the country. These arms were utilized on Westarctica's currency from 2005 - 2013. For his service to the government, Jon-Lawrence was made Count of Byrd in 2004.

Duke of Moulton-Berlin

The Duchies of Moulton and Berlin were deeded to His Grace on 4 June 2005 while the Duke was still serving as Westarctica's Chief Herald. At this time, he had also started crafting custom jewelry and, through his connections in the international jewel market, he donated several valuable pieces to the Crown Jewels of Westarctica. The largest of these, a 177 carat ruby, was named "The Langer Ruby" and is the centerpiece of the collection.

Work with foreign nations

Following the abdication of Grand Duke Travis and Grand Duke Philip's ascension to the throne, tensions in the government led several of the cabinet ministers, including Jon-Lawrence, to seek out other nations which could utilize their talents.

Grand Duchy of Elsanor

In recognition of his work with the Grand Duchy of Elsanor, the Duke was granted the Duchy of Morrow.

The Duchy of Morrow is composed of five baronies divided into two earldoms. The Earldom of Harrison is comprised of three baronies: Etowah, Cherokee, and Calhoun. The Earldom of Naton is composed of two baronies: Marshall and Dekalb.

The Duchy of Morrow is located in the northern province of Elsanor, and is composed of the lands furthest north-east in the Realm. She is bordered on the North by the Tennessee River, and on the south by the lands formerly inhabited by the Chickasaw Indians. The territory was considered a promising region of Elsanor with potential exports of coal, timber, and small amounts of gold.

Dominion of British West Florida

In recognition of his work with the government of the British West Florida micronation, the Duke was granted the Barony of Baldwin.

Very little is known about the barony aside from its general location on the far western border of British West Florida.

Reign as Grand Duke of Westarctica

From August to December 2008 Jon-Lawrence corresponded with Travis McHenry about the possibility of a transfer of power from Grand Duke Philip, who had allowed Westarctica's government to become inactive and reclusive. In an arrangement brokered by McHenry, Philip voluntarily gave up the throne, and the title Grand Duke of Westarctica was passed to Jon-Lawrence. He assumed the throne on 30 December 2008 as Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence.

His reign experienced many difficulties including an uphill battle to regain some of Westarctica's lost prestige and to direct attacks on the sovereignty of the nation. These challenges culminated in the Siple War between Westarctica and a coalition of allied nations. Eventually, the cabinet ministers and hereditary nobles turned against him, and lobbied Grand Duke Travis to return to the throne. In May 2010, Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence was deposed in a coup known as The Great Return.

Post-reign life

The Duke of Moulton-Berlin receiving the Order of the Orca from Grand Duke Travis

Following his removal from the throne of Westarctica, Jon-Lawrence was permitted to retain his noble titles. At first, he remained largely inactive in Westarctican affairs, however, he did express admiration for Grand Duke Travis' vision for the nation during Westarctica's 15th Anniversary Celebration. His Grace's painting, Moon over Mount Moulton, was awarded Crown Selection in the 2018 Westarctica Art Expo.

On 28 July 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Moulton-Berlin met with Grand Duke Travis in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. During this meeting, they discussed the early days of the nation and the troubled times of 2006 - 2010. Following a light lunch, the Duke was invested as a Knight in the Order of the Orca in recognition of his efforts to maintain Westarctica's government in 2008, as well as the assistance he provided in growing the nation from 2004 - 2006.

On 1 April 2020, the Duke was appointed to the post of Kapellmeister and given responsibility for composing music on behalf of Westarctica's various institutions.

Featured quotes

  • "I truly feel Westarctica can be a positive life changing experience for others."
  • "Few things in this life are safe from the ravages of time. The Hereditary Noble Title system allows an opportunity for the Grand Duchy of Westarctica to honor an individual for generations after they leave this life."
  • "I invite the challenge."

Honors and awards

Honored Artist of Westarctica

On August 25th, 2018 Jon-Lawrence was named as an Honored Artist of Westarctica (then called the Honored Artist ribbon). The award citation read:

"...for excellence in being chosen as the Crown Selection in the 2018 Westarctica Art Expo. His Grace's piece, "Moon over Mount Moulton," was selected for special recognition by the Grand Duke. This piece of art is an important building block in creating a culture for Westarctica. This Honor is bestowed with the utmost respect and deepest gratitude of Westarctica's leadership on this, the 25th day of August in the year Two-Thousand and Eighteen."


Military Ranks

  • link={{{2}}} 2006 - Present: Commodore in the Molossian Navy
  • link={{{2}}} Years Unknown: Airman in the United States Air Force

Westarctica Civilian Corps Awards and Decorations

Ribbon display showing the Duke's Westarctica Civilian Corps awards.

Shown, from left to right, are:

Top row: Order of the Orca ribbon (with silver Knight device), Honored Artist ribbon
Bottom row: Long Service ribbon, Civilian Corps Service ribbon, Nobles ribbon