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Logo of the Ministry of Defense in 2005

Minister of Defense is a cabinet-level position in the government of Westarctica. As a member of the Grand Ducal Cabinet, the Minister of Defense reports directly to the Grand Duke.


Creation of office and duties

The position was created by Grand Duke Travis for Wolf Tulier after being urged into the act by numerous members of the Grand Ducal Cabinet and the Baronage, including the Baron of Havola, who pleaded with the Grand Duke that there was an urgent need for a functioning military (even if it was only a small one). The creation of the ministry position was phase one of the establishment of a military unit that would serve to defend and protect Westarctica.

The Royal Officer Corps was the first proposed unit of the Ministry of Defense and it was intended to serve as a military fraternity more than an actual combat force. Membership was restricted to citizens of Westarctica.

As Minister of Defense, Wolf Tulier served as the head of the Royal Officer Corps, utilizing his experience as a soldier in the U.S. Army to guide his leadership of the Corps. Shortly following the creation of the office, Wolf appointed the former Baronet of Brandenberger, Troy Thompson, as Deputy Minister of Defense to assist him in getting Westarctica’s military into marching order.

Involvement in 2010 Coup

The Duke of Waesche, the first and only Minister of Defense
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In May 2010, the Minister of Defense approached former Grand Duke Travis and informed him that the central government of Westarctica had ceased to exist as a functioning administrative unit. For several months, the reigning Head of State, Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence, had failed to return any e-mails or other communications. Complicating the matter further, Westarctica's official website (this time, had fallen into the hands of a domain parking service, so information about Westarctica was no longer available to the world.

As Minister of Defense, Wolf considered it his chief duty to protect the nation of Westarctica, not to protect the reign of any particular Grand Duke. In this capacity, he and Travis plotted a coup that would result in Travis regaining the throne as Grand Duke and Wolf taking overall responsibility for the functions of government as Prime Minister.


Following the successful coup, the duties of Minister of Defense were absorbed into the office of the Prime Minister and Wolf was fulfilling both roles simultaneously until 2017 when he resigned as Prime Minister and became Minister of Defense once again.

Current role in Westarctica's government

The role of Minister of Defense in the Royal Council is primarily a ceremonial one. He serves as a close advisor to the Grand Duke and maintains a quiet, but watchful, vigil over the sovereignty of the nation. Although the Westarctican Royal Guards ostensibly fall under the Ministry of Defense, in practice, they report directly to Grand Duke Travis himself.