Baron of Havola

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His Lordship
The Baron of Havola
Baron of Havola
Title held October 2004 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Spouse None
Father George Morin, Sr.
Mother Mary Ann Morin
Born 1972

His Lordship, the Baron of Havola, George Morin, Jr. is a childhood friend of Grand Duke Travis and was one of the original members of the Peerage of Westarctica, having received his title in November 2001.

He is the elder brother of Countess Radlinski.


The Baron of Havola served for many years as an American police officer in his hometown of Benton, Pennsylvania. In 1995, he became acquainted with Grand Duke Travis, and grudgingly participated as a member of the Border Patrol Agency in the Kingdom of Casbah, an early micronation that was founded on his family's farm in 1997. Morin was responsible for creating the crown of the leader of Casbah, which he made by cutting a metal lampshade with tin snips, and spray painting it metallic gold.

Throughout 1996 - 2006 Morin and Grand Duke Travis undertook a dedicated field study into paranormal phenomena, with Morin serving as the Director of Operations for the organization. Their most in-depth research project involved a five year study of a suspect Bigfoot habitat in the woods of northeastern Pennsylvania, but which resulted in no video footage or other published credible evidence of the creature.

The Baron enjoys smoking cigars, fishing, and hunting.

Noble titles

Throughout his time in Westarctica, His Lordship has held numerous titles, starting with Duke of Ellsworth in 2001. He was then promoted to Grand Duke of Ellsworth in 2003, prior to having his title revoked until it was reinstated again in 2004 as the Baron of Havola. From 2005 - 2015, he was reduced in title to Baronet of Havola as a disgraced noble.

The Baron's current title is derived from the Havola Escarpment, located on the extreme eastern border of Westarctica.