Countess Radlinski

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Her Ladyship
Countess Radlinski
Countess Radlinski
Title held 28 January 2002 - Present
Preceded by Title Established
Imperial Senator of Casbah
In Office 1998
Preceded by Office Established
Successor Office Abolished
Spouse Andrew Yearsley
Issue Scarlett
Father George Morin, Sr.
Mother Mary Ann Morin
Born 1980

Her Ladyship, Countess Radlinski, Jeanne Yearsley (née Morin) is a member of the Old Guard of Westarctica. Her title is the oldest unchanged title in the entire Peerage of Westarctica. Prior to becoming a noble of Westarctica, Her Ladyship served as an Imperial Senator in the short-lived legislature of the Kingdom of Casbah. Her title is derived from Mount Radlinski in the Whitmore Mountains.

She is the sister of the Baron of Havola.


The geographic feature for which the title is named was selected due to Mount Radlinski's location in the Whitmore Mountains. The Viscount of Whitmore was close friends with Countess Radlinski, so it made sense to put their titles in adjoining regions.

The level of "countess" was chosen as an ode to Count Dracula, due to the Countess' love for vampire sub-culture and Gothic literature.