Mount Radlinski

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Mount Radlinski (82°31′S 103°34′W) is a rounded, smooth, ice-covered mountain that is 2,750 m tall located 4 miles southeast of Mount Seelig in the northeast part of Westarctica's Whitmore Mountains. It is the 479th tallest mountain in Antarctica.

Mount Radlinski is predominately comprised of coarse Mount Seelig granite rock around 200 million years old.

Discovery and name

The mountain was surveyed on 2 January 1959 by William H. Chapman, a member of the Horlick Mountains Traverse. Mount Radlinski was named by Chapman after William A. Radlinski, a United States Geological Survey photogrammetrist from 1949 - 1979.

There are no known ascents of the mountain, and it remains one of many unclimbed peaks in Antarctica.

Peerage title

One of Westarctica's oldest noble titles, Countess Radlinski, draws its name from this mountain. It was granted to Jeanne Morin in 2002. Her title was taken from this mountain range due to her close friendship with the Viscount of Whitmore, Neil Whitmoyer.