Viscount of Whitmore

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His Lordship
The Viscount of Whitmore
Knight Commander in the Order of the Snowflake

Royal Envoy
In Office 5 September 2003 - 2005
Preceded by Office Established
Successor Count of Mintz
Imperial Senator of Casbah
In Office 1998
Preceded by Office Established
Successor Office Abolished
Spouse Karen Whitmoyer (d.2012)
Issue None
Father Dennis Whitmoyer
Mother Ruby Whitmoyer
Born 1978

His Lordship, the Viscount of Whitmore, Neil Whitmoyer is a childhood friend of Grand Duke Travis and has been a member of the Peerage of Westarctica since 15 November 2001, making him the longest-serving noble of Westarctica aside from the Grand Duke himself.

Prior to becoming a noble of Westarctica, His Lordship served as an Imperial Senator in the short-lived legislature of the Kingdom of Casbah.


The name "Whitmore" comes from the Whitmore Mountains in southern Westarctica, very near to the South Pole, but is also extremely close to the Viscount's actual last name. From 2001 - 2004, when Westarctica was known as the Achaean Territory, Whitmoyer held the title "Duke of Whitmore." In October 2004, all titles from the Achaean Territory were either abolished or reduced in precedence and the Duchy was lowered to a Viscountcy.

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