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Three members of Westarctica's Old Guard: Duke of Waesche, Grand Duke Travis, and the Duke of Moulton-Berlin

The Old Guard is an informal honorific for any peer of Westarctica who possessed a title of nobility prior to the 2006 abdication of Grand Duke Travis. Peers who were disbarred prior to 2006 are not included as they were stripped of all titles and honors.

History of the term

Usage of the term "old guard" began in 2012, after Grand Duke Travis returned to the throne. As he began to issue titles of nobility once again, he wished to find a way to set apart those loyal souls who helped get Westarctica started during the early years when Westarctica had little support or recognition.

An even smaller group of these peers held titles in the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, the predecessor state to Westarctica, which existed from 2001 - 2004.

List of members

Title Portrait Year of creation Current holder Notes
Princess of Thurston Princess of Thurston2.jpg 2005 Kerry Mott
Duke of Ravencroft Duke of Ravencroft.jpg 2004 Philip Karns
Duke of Moulton-Berlin JL Langer.png 2004 Jon-Lawrence Langer Achaean Noble
Duke of Sherman Jorge-Fernandez1.jpg 2005 Jorge Fernandez Vidal
Duke of Waesche Wolf 2019.jpg 2005 Wolf Tulier
Duke of Le Vaux Duke of Le Vaux1.jpg 2005 Javier Gold Ferrari
Marquise of Walgreen Cathryn.jpg 2004 Cathryn McHenry
Count of Kohler Count of Kohler.jpg 2001 Joseph Day Achaean Noble
Countess Radlinski Countess Radlinski.jpg 2002 Jeanne Yearsley Achaean Noble
Count of Ellsworth Count-Ellsworth.jpg 2003 Jeffery Truett Achaean Noble
Count of Ward Count of Ward.jpg 2004 Miles Ward Achaean Noble
Count of Mintz Count of Mintz.jpg 2005 Michael Whyte
Viscount of Whitmore Viscount of Whitmore.jpg 2001 Neil Whitmoyer Achaean Noble
Viscount of Siple Viscount Siple.jpg 2004 Emilio Garcia
Viscount of Gardiner Viscount of Gardiner.jpg 2005 Shaun Herron
Baron of Havola Baron Havola.jpg 2001 George Morin, Jr. Achaean Noble
Baron of Maricopa Arthur Langer.jpg 2004 Arthur X. Langer Achaean Noble
Baron of Andrus Baron of Andrus1.jpg 2005 Eduard Versluijs
Baron of Eburhard Baron Eburhard.jpg 2005 Douglas Swank
Baron of Lee-Tearmunn Baron of Tearmunn - Troy Thompson1.jpg 2005 Troy Thompson