Baron of Eburhard

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His Lordship
The Baron of Eburhard
Baron of Eburhard
Reign 26 April 2005 - Present
Consort None at present
Born 6 May 1965

His Lordship, the Baron of Eburhard, Douglas Swank, is a baron in the Peerage of Westarctica. Due to his status as an early supporter of Westarctica, he bears the honorific "Old Guard." The baron publicly identifies as a member of the LGBT community and is a fierce champion of human rights.


Douglas Swank, (alternately spelled "Dug") was born in Pennsylvania on 6 May 1965. After graduating from high school in 1983, he studied religion and theater arts at Gettysburg College before pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1987.

He describes himself as: "A prodigal sybarite, neo-pessimist philosopher, high-functioning sociopath. consulting detective, paradigm subversive, and parasite by choice."

As a peer of Westarctica

On 26 April 2005, Douglas was granted the title Baron of Eburhard by Grand Duke Travis. The title was one he requested and has no direct connection with the geography of Marie Byrd Land. The word eburhard is of Germanic origin and when used as a given name, is taken to mean: "One who is strong as a wild boar."

The area of land that was designated as the Eburhard Barony encompasses part of Lind Ridge in the Ames Range.

After becoming a Westarctican peer, the baron had little involvement with national politics and was considered a valued, but mostly inactive member of the Baronage.