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Pride flag created for Westarcticans

Civil and legal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered citizens of Westarctica have historically been extremely progressive. In 2013, Grand Duke Travis publicly came out and acknowledged his sexuality, which he had been hiding from a young age.


Achaean Territory

The Achaean Territory of Antarctica was the predecessor state of Westarctica. Its legal code, the Achaean Civil Code laid out common laws for the populace. In Chapter III, Acts of Marriage, the wording of the French Civil Code (on which the Achaean Code was based) was modified to be gender neutral, thereby defining marriage as any union between two persons without regard to gender.


Despite being a conservative Christian nation with Protestant Christianity as the state religion, the constitution of Westarctica prohibited discrimination and promoted the general equality of all people. Articles 43, 44, and 45 deal with equality and special protections. These sections use gender neutral language and Article 43 specifically decrees: "All humans are equal before the law."

Additionally, Article 43 also guaranteed marriage equality regardless of gender, stating: "Matrimonial equality and legitimacy equality are guaranteed." This made Westarctica the first micronation and the third sovereign state to legalize gay marriage.

In 2012, the Charter of Westarctica continued this trend by prohibiting discrimination and recognizing all citizens of Westarctica as equal regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Pride Flag

On 28 March 2019 Westarctica's Prime Minister, Jordan Farmer unveiled a Pride flag for the Westarctican LGBTQIA community. He immediately declared that the flag was in the public domain, and free for all Westarcticans to utilize in their own pride celebrations. When asked about the specific design of the flag, he replied:

I started off with the most common six stripe flag used for the community, then added the pink and turquoise to the outside for the transgender and pansexual flags. The black and white Scandinavian cross ensures that we have colors from all of the outlying LGBT communities' flags (bear brotherhood, agendered and aromantic).

Inclusion of LGBT citizens in government

Many citizens, Ministers of the Royal Council, and Hereditary Nobles of Westarctica identify as part of the LGBT community (also referred to as the LGBTQIA community). The government has also forged strong ties with many micronations that have LGBT leaders.

Summary table

Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes check.png
Recognition of same-sex unions Yes check.png
Same-sex marriage Yes check.png
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes check.png
Gays, lesbians, and transgenders allowed to serve openly in the military Yes check.png
Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Yes check.png