Duke of Ravencroft

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His Grace
The Duke of Ravencroft
Marquis de Merovingi
Knight in the Order of Merit

Grand Duke of Westarctica
Reign 16 January 2006 - 2008
Preceded by Grand Duke Travis
Successor Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence
Minister of Information
In Office September 2004 - 16 January 2006
Preceded by Position Established
Successor Baron of Bastanchury
Consort Position Vacant
Grand Duchess Grand Duchess Melinda (m. 1998; div. 2017)
Issue Raven Donnivan
Rhiannon Catherine
Lillian Jessica
Father ?
Mother ?
Born 1976

His Grace, the Duke of Ravencroft, Philip Karns, is a member of the Peerage of Westarctica.

He held the title Grand Duke of Westarctica from 2006 - 2008, ruling as Grand Duke Philip. He also served as Minister of Information from 2004 - 2006.

Life before Westarctica

Philip was born in rural Pennsylvania and excelled in painting and drawing during his teenage years. After graduating from college with a degree in art and design, he befriended Grand Duke Travis, having become acquainted through their mutual friend, the Viscount of Whitmore. Their friendship quickly grew and the Grand Duke and Viscount served as ushers at Phillip's wedding.

Early Career in Westarctica

In 2005, Grand Duke Travis was looking for someone to assume responsibility for Westarctica's official website and Philip offered to accept the role of Minister of Information. He quickly redesigned the website to look more professional and user-friendly and was given the title Marquis de Merovingi, which was raised to Duke of Ravencroft shortly thereafter.

In his role as Minister of Information, Philip handled updates to the website and also served as a close advisor to the Grand Duke, taking a leadership role in the Grand Ducal Cabinet.

Reign as Grand Duke

Following the January 2006 abdication of Grand Duke Travis, Philip ascended the throne as Travis' successor and became the new Grand Duke of Westarctica. There was significant consternation among the ministers of the Grand Ducal Cabinet as they had not been consulted or even informed of the pending abdication and were wholly unprepared for the sudden change in leadership.

In the resulting chaos, several ministers resigned their posts. However, Grand Duke Philip was able to organize the remaining ministers and continued to run the government in an effective manner, for some time.

Major Accomplishments as Grand Duke

  • Released the second issue of Westarctica Quarterly.
  • Supervised the issues of multiple coins, including one bearing his name.
  • Organized face-to-face meetings with members of the Grand Ducal Cabinet.
  • Consolidated ministries to increase efficiency.

Abdication from the throne

Despite his many accomplishments, Grand Duke Philip began experiencing health and financial issues in 2007 and as a result, was unable to communicate with foreign leaders and members of the cabinet. Eventually, he let ownership of the Westarctica Domain Name lapse and fall into the hands of a domain parking service, effectively eliminating Westarctica's presence on the internet.

These challenges, as well as his weariness with running the nation, led to his decision to abdicate the throne in favor of the Duke of Moulton-Berlin. This was done on the advice of the former Grand Duke Travis, who stepped in to counsel the government and guide the 2008 Transition of Power.

Post-reign life

Following his abdication, the Duke of Ravencroft retired from public life and focused on his art and design business.

In 2010, following Grand Duke Travis' return to power, the Duke returned to his position as a confidant to the crown and occasional advisor to the government, but has no official role in the Royal Council.

Featured Quotes

  • "It is our pledge to you, the Citizens and Nobility of Westarctica, that we will direct the operations of the Government in a timely and efficient manner, and continue to push toward our goals."
  • "If they want it, the crown is theirs."
  • "I wish to continue all of the work that our founding father has started, and continue to strive for recognition of Westarctica."