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His Lordship
The Count of Dendtler
Viscount Kirby
Baron of Bastanchury
Knight Commander of the Snowflake
Knight of the Desert Heart
Knight of the Sword

Minister of Commerce
In Office 8 May 2019 - 4 March 2021
Preceded by Office created
Succeeded by Vacant
Commissioner of the Treasury
In Office 28 September 2018 - 4 March 2021
Preceded by Duke of Sherman As Minister of the Treasury
Succeeded by Office dissolved
Captain-General of Calsahara
In Office 15 November 2018 - 18 March 2021
Preceded by Captain-General Ciani
Succeeded by Damien Kramer
Minister of Information
In Office 22 March 2018 - 8 May 2019
Preceded by Duke of Ravencroft
Succeeded by Vacant
Consort Position Vacant
Issue none current or expected
Father Gerhardt Paul Schroeder
Mother Meredith Ann Green
Born N/A

The Count of Dendtler is a noble peer who has served in several roles in the Government of Westarctica. His Lordship held two positions on the Royal Council: Minister of Commerce and Commissioner of the Treasury before resigning from both offices in March 2021.


The Count has been an extremely active member of the Royal Council and was responsible for designing Westarctica's first paper currency, the Ice mark. His Lordship was appointed to the position of Commissioner of the Treasury with responsibility for managing the Central Bank of Westarctica on behalf of the Crown.

As Minister of Information, the Count's primary duty was to help populate Encyclopedia Westarctica with articles and he was instrumental in creating the first 500 articles in the wiki. Despite no longer holding the Minister of Information post, he still maintains some responsibility over the wiki as a Senior Admin.

His Lordship served as Minister of Information for just over a year from 2018 - 2019, when he was transferred to the post of Minister of Commerce to oversee Westarctica's retail product offerings. As part of his new responsibilities, the Count was given possession of the Great Seal of Westarctica and was granted the honorific of Keeper of the Seal. In this capacity, His Lordship was responsible for personally sealing all Letters Patent that are granted to new peers.

On 22 November 2020, the Count was commissioned as a Lieutenant (O-1) in the Naval Detachment of the Westarctican Royal Guards. He served with distinction as a Helm officer onboard the WS Endurance spaceship bridge simulator during Exercise: MOSTLY HARMLESS with military forces from Slabovia and the Aerican Empire.

As Captain-General of Calsahara and removal of offices

In 2018, the Count was appointed to the post of Captain-General of Calsahara, the military governor of Calsahara.

Although the Count only visited his domain in the Colony of Calsahara on one occasion, he provided several invaluable services during that trip. The first was the dramatic expansion and renovation of Montague Square in the Capital city of Otisburg. Due to heavy rains during the previous year, the entire square had become completely overgrown with thick patches of needlegrass. These sharp needle-like spurs had to be carefully removed so the bricks of the square would be visible again. Once the square was cleaned up, the Count supervised the laying of new paver stones, effectively doubling the size of Montague Square.

During an inspection tour of Hooverville, the Count noticed a large crow trapped on a piece of twine inside the rafters of the dilapidated building. Without regard for his own safety, the Count climbed up into rafters and spent approximately three minutes cutting the twine with a shard of broken glass. The crow was freed from the twine and left in peace to recover from its ordeal. This animal rescue operation also confirmed the presence of a white barn owl living inside Hooverville in the same roost as the crow.

When he first became Minister of Commerce, the Count was entrusted with the Great Seal of Westarctica, a sterling silver signet ring and part of the Crown jewels of Westarctica bearing the emblems of the McHenry family crest, which is used to attach the wax seal and ribbon of Westarctica's letters patent. At some point between December 8 and December 15 of 2020, while the Count was traveling out of state, an unknown individual removed this ring and several other small valuable personal objects from the Count's home. A police report was filed, and inquiries were made at local pawn shops, though these produced no results. For his failure to report the theft in a timely manner and for replacing the lost ring with a functional duplicate at his own expense without informing the Grand Duke, the Count was retired from his civic duties and offices, including that of Captain-General of Calsahara, though allowed to retain his noble titles. The ring has never been recovered.


The count was first granted the courtesy title Baron of Bastanchury, one of only two peerage titles in the Nobility of Calsahara that is not held by Grand Duke Travis.

In 2020, after two years of faithful service, he was granted the Westarctican title Count of Dendtler, so-named for Dendtler Island. This island is located on the extreme eastern border of Westarctica and its sovereignty is divided between Westarctica and the Chilean Antarctic Territory.

On 20 April 2020, in recognition of his excellent service as Minister of Commerce, the Count was granted the subordinate title Viscount Kirby, named for Kirby Cone.

Although the the removal of all offices effectively marks the Count himself as disgraced, this is not the case. The disgracing of a peer is an official designation which can be bestowed by Westarctica's sovereign alone. While the concept or air of disgrace may be regarded as surrounding the events that led to his removal from all civic offices, the Count's missteps are not considered egregious or flagrant enough to warrant such specific action by the Crown, however comparable the outcome. The Count retains his landholdings, honors, and titles within Westarctica and Calsahara.


Knight of the Snowflake

On 15 July 2018, at the fourth annual Royal Polo Match, His Lordship was invested as a Knight Commander in the Order of the Snowflake in recognition of his work creating and maintaining Encyclopedia Westarctica.

Knight of the Desert Heart

On 21 May 2020, during his first inspection tour of the Colony of Calsahara, the Count was honored as a Knight in the Order of the Desert Heart for his service as Captain-General of Calsahara.

Knight of the Sword

On 22 November 2020, the Count was honored as a Knight in the Noble Order of the Sword for his participation in Exercise: MOSTLY HARMLESS as a member of the Westarctican Royal Guards.