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Within Westarctica a Count (feminine Countess) is a peerage title below that of Marquis and above that of Viscount. Counts are assigned territorial land grants called counties. Such titles and land grants may be given or rescinded only by the Grand Duke.

Like a Marquis or a Baron, Counts are to be addressed as "Your Lordship/Ladyship" and "His/Their Lordship" or "Her/Their Ladyship" (in the third person) in written correspondence and formal address.

Usage in Westarctica

From 2001 - 2004, when Westarctica was known as the Achaean Territory of Antarctica, the title of Count was not used. Instead the British equivalent of Earl was bestowed upon only two individuals. However, Countess Radlinski, the first noble to bear the title in any form, was made a countess on 28 January 2002. In the British system, there is no female equivalent for Earl, and the Countess was a fan of Dracula, so it seemed appropriate to grant her that title.

In 2004, Grand Duke Travis revised the titles of the Baronage and converted the two existing Earls to Counts. He also demoted the Duke of Walgreen to the become the Count of Kohler.


Although the typical style of a count or countess is "His Lordship" or "Her Ladyship," in 2022, the Countess of Benton was inducted as a member of the Royal Family of Westarctica with the style "Her Illustrious Highness." This was done to accord her special status as the mother of Grand Duke Travis. It mimics the style of German noble families at the grade of count and also by cadet members of some princely German families from the early 1800s until the 1900s.

Notable Counts and Countesses

Ranks in the Peerage of Westarctica
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