Minister of the Treasury

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The Duke of Sherman, the first and as of 2018 only Minister of the Treasury of Westarctica

Minister of the Treasury was a cabinet-level position in the government of Westarctica from 2005 - 2010.

Creation of office and duties

The position was created by Grand Duke Travis specifically for Jorge Fernandez Vidal in Jorge's capacity as head of the Central Bank of Westarctica. The primary function of the Minister of the Treasury was to design, mint, and distribute coins on behalf of the central government of Westarctica.

As a member of the Grand Ducal Cabinet, the Minister of the Treasury reported directly to the Grand Duke.

Disestablishment of office

On 4 June 2010, following the successful coup that ousted Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence from the throne, the entire Grand Ducal Cabinet was disbanded when the Grand Ducal Mandate was abolished.

Despite losing official permission to mint further coins, Jorge continued to mint coins under the banner of Westarctica and its territories until 2013.

Successive offices

Ministry of Finance

In 2015, the Ministry of Finance was created to serve as a successor cabinet ministry to the Ministry of the Treasury, but the appointed minister decided to focus exclusively on the economy of Westarctica and played no part in the creation of additional Westarctican coins.

Commissioner of the Treasury

On 28 September 2018, the Baron of Bastanchury was appointed to the position of Commissioner of the Treasury with the express goal of designing and producing the nation's first-ever paper money.