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A subordinate title is any title in the Peerage of Westarctica held by noble peer that is lower in rank than their primary (i.e. highest ranking) title.

History of use in Westarctica

Historically, subordinate titles were not commonly bestowed in Westarctica. In most cases where peers were promoted in rank, their existing title was simply upgraded to the higher rank. For example, the Count of Waesche becoming the Duke of Waesche.

The first peer to receive a subordinate title was the Duke of Sherman, who was first granted a peerage as the Count of Sturge. He was later granted the title Marquis of Williamson, before finally becoming a Duke. Despite these promotions through the ranks of nobility, he retained all of his previous titles.

Starting in 2018, the awarding of subordinate titles became more common as Grand Duke Travis found additional ways to recognize exceptional achievements among noble peers who already had titles.

Noble Princes/Princesses

All peers of Westarctica who bear the style of Serene Highness are considered "noble princes/princesses." These peers have a subordinate title of duke/duchess in addition to their princely title. Because the title is an inextricable part of their peerage, it is not truly subordinate, but may be considered as such for academic purposes.

In Calsahara

Titles in the Nobility of Calsahara that are held by peers of Westarctica are not considered subordinate titles, as they are based in an entirely different peerage.

The only person holding more than one title of nobility in the Colony of Calsahara is Grand Duke Travis.

List of subordinate titles

This list of subordinate titles is current as of 30 January 2024.

Title Current holder
Prince of Hollick-Kenyon Grand Duke Travis
Prince of Storfallet Prince Ashton Roman
Duke of Hampton Prince Daniel Nicholas
Duke of Farmer Duke of the Bear Peninsula
Marquis of Thwaites Grand Duke Travis
Marquis de Merovingi Duke of Ravencroft
Marquis of Wilbanks Duke of the Bear Peninsula
Marquis of Williamson Duke of Sherman
Marquis de Manthe Duke of Fox Grove
Count of Sinha Prince Dinny
Count of Sturge Duke of Sherman
Count of Byrd Duke of Moulton-Berlin
Count of Faulkner Duke of Gierloff
Viscount Kirby Count of Dendtler
Viscount Grier Count of Dorchuck
Baron of Steuri Count of Neptune
Baron of Schuylkill Duke of Moulton-Berlin
Baron of Suchland Grand Duke Travis
Baron of Pine Island Count of Sif
Baron of Hull Bay Duke of Steventon
Baron of Merrick Duke of Hammond
Baron of Matikonis Count of Krigsvold
Baron of Widich Duke of Gierloff
Baron of Mount Bolton Duke of Hutchinson
Baron Stanford Duke of Sisco
Baroness of Goodwin Duchess of Albanus
Baronet of Brandenberger Baron of Lee-Tearmunn
Baronet of Alenroux Count of Discovery Ridge
Baronet of Woodwin Duke of Steventon
Baronet of Wexford Count of Ronne