Matikonis Peak

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Map showing Matikonis Peak in the Coulter Heights

Matikonis Peak (75°21′S 138°14′W) is a small, isolated rock peak that protrudes through the snow mantle of the central Coulter Heights, near the coast of Westarctica.

Discovery and name

The peak was mapped by the United States Geological Survey from surveys and U.S. Navy air photos collected from 1959–65. Matikonis Peak was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in honor of William P. Matikonis, U.S. Navy, a damage controlman aboard the USS Glacier during the 1961–62 research season.

Peerage title

On 29 November 2023, James Patrick Howard II was granted the peerage title Baron of Matikonis in recognition of his support of Westarctica. His title was named for this peak. Several days later, he was also granted the title Count of Krigsvold and the barony became his subordinate title.