Royal Household of Grand Duke Travis

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The Royal Household of Grand Duke Travis was created by Royal Decree on 28 April 2023. The royal household is a quasi-governmental organization and falls under the jurisdiction of the Executive branch of the Government of Westarctica.


The royal household forms the core of the royal court consisting mostly of positions of service to the Grand Duke. Some of the offices in the household are ceremonial posts which were not appropriate for inclusion in the Royal Council. The household has several military posts responsible for security of the Grand Duke and Westarctica as a whole. Officers holding these posts are sourced from the Westarctican Royal Guards.

The Sovereign has the privilege of appointing and dismissing members of the royal household at will.

Current offices

New offices in the royal household may be created by decree after consultation with the Prime Minister. Currently, the following offices exist in the Royal Household of Grand Duke Travis.

Head of the Royal Household

  • Chief of Staff – Private Secretary to the Sovereign. Assists the Sovereign with communications between government institutions, acts as advisor to the Sovereign.

Ceremonial Companions to the Sovereign

  • Master of the Horse – Ceremonial position held by a man.
  • Lady-in-Waiting – Ceremonial position held by a woman.

Positions of Service to the Crown

  • Counsellor of State – Member(s) of the Royal Family authorized to act on the Crown's behalf.
  • Ellsworth King of Arms – Chief Herald of Westarctica, creates grants of arms for noble peers. Keeper of the Seal – Responsible for creating Letters Patent.
  • Kapellmeister – Creates music on behalf of Westarctica.
  • Grand Inquisitor – Identifies and exposes criminals committing acts of ecocide around the world.

Military Aides to the Sovereign

  • Warden of the Marshes – Ceremonial administrator of Westarctica's military. (Post held by the Minister of Defense)
  • Captain of the Guard – Senior military officer in the Westarctican Royal Guards.
  • Aide-de-Camp – Senior military aide to the Sovereign.
  • Equerry – Junior military aides to the Sovereign.

Current composition

Office Portrait Name Since
Chief of Staff PM Farmer OP Jul 21.jpg Duke of the Bear Peninsula 28 April 2023
Counsellor of State Deborah McH.jpg Countess of Benton 28 April 2023
Grand Inquisitor Captain-General Kramer1.jpg Marquis de Kramer 28 April 2023
Kapellmeister JL Langer.png Duke of Moulton-Berlin 28 April 2023
Warden of the Marshes Wolf 2019.jpg Duke of Waesche 28 April 2023
Captain of the Guard Viscount Atwood.jpg Viscount Atwood 28 April 2023