2018 Westarctica Art Expo

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Portrait of Grand Duke Travis and an Adélie Penguin

The 2018 Westarctica Art Expo, was a showcase of art from Westarctican citizens held in July and August of 2018. This was the first ever art expo the nation held. The work of art that received the Citizen's Choice award was subsequently turned into a stamp of Westarctica in 2019.

Entry Period and Rules

Entries were held via the Citizens of Westarctica Facebook group from 15 July to 15 August 2018. As this was the first ever art expo the nation had held, there was only a single category: Westarctica. Artists were encouraged to utilize any visual, non-written or performance art medium. They were only advised that their pieces would be judged based on how relevant they were to the subject of Westarctica, in general.

As the event was an expo, and not an actual contest, there was no true judging or winners. However, it was decided that up to three pieces would be able to receive special recognition as "Selections."

Selections for Special Recognition

There were twelve submissions covering a wide array of mediums, including traditional paintings, photography, and physical art/sculpture. Three pieces received special recognition for excellence. The creators of these three pieces were named Honored Artists. There are also plans to have these pieces featured on Westarctican stamps, in the future.

The Crown Selection

Moon over Mount Moulton

The Crown Selection was made by Grand Duke Travis. He selected Duke Jon-Lawrence of Moulton-Berlin's piece titled "Moon over Mount Moulton" for the honor.

The Council Selection

Chainmail Inlay of Westarctica Flag

The Council Selection was chosen via a vote by the nine members of the Royal Council. Their selection was given to Duke August of Fox Grove's piece titled "Chainmail Inlay of Westarctica Flag."

The Citizen's Selection

The Citizen's Selection was chosen via a popular vote through the Citizens of Westarctica Facebook group. This honor was bestowed upon Esther Viola's piece titled "Portrait of Grand Duke Travis and an Adélie Penguin." This piece was used in a 2019 release of Westarctican stamps.

Expo Submissions

The following is a list of all entries for the 2018 Westarctica Art Expo.

Artist Title Medium Notes
Hans Jürgen Dohmen Global Warming at Different Levels acrylic painting
August Grappin Chainmail Inlay of Westarctica Flag tapestry (chainmail) Council Selection awardee
Jon-Lawrence Langer Moon over Mount Moulton painting Crown Selection awardee
Thomas Marek Cold Dead Steel Forged with Fire sculpture (knife)
Joleen Medeiros Sky Clouds photograph
Willamina Moray RIW Logo digital art
Ritoban Paul Mighty King of the Oceans digital art
Mae Marie Richardson Westarctica Flag and Penguin charcoal and colored pencils
Kirby Schroeder Ministry of Information Logo digital art
Christian Seitz Penguin Space Fleet Logo digital art
Amanda Star On Mt. Isherwood gazing upon the aurora polaris charcoal and watercolor
Esther Viola Portrait of Grand Duke Travis and an Adélie Penguin digital art Citizen's Selection awardee