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The Westarctica Art Expo is an semi-annual art showcase hosted by the Minister of Culture that is open to any citizen of Westarctica. The expos are held online, with users digitally submitting a photograph of their work. The first of these expos was held in 2018.

Overview and Structure

Submissions are accepted from any citizen of Westarctica. Restrictions on the mediums represented are generally very relaxed. As this is not a competition, there are no winners, per se. Instead exceptional work is recognized through one of three selection categories.

  • The Crown Selection: This recognition is bestowed at the sole discretion of the Grand Duke of Westarctica. They may elect not to bestow this honor.
  • The Council Selection: This recognition is bestowed by a vote of the Royal Council.
  • The Citizen's Selection: This recognition is bestowed by a vote of all Westarctican citizens.

Selection honorees are eligible to be named an Honored Artist of Westarctica if they have not yet been named as such. There are also plans to have these pieces featured on Westarctican stamps, in the future.


In mid 2018, as part of Grand Duke Travis's desire to cultivate a sense of community in Westarctica, he developed the idea of an art expo with Duke Jordan of the Bear Peninsula, who was the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration at the time. It was announced that the first expo would be held that summer.

List of Expos and Selections

Crown Selection
Council Selection
Citizen's Selection
15 July - 15 August
2018 Crown Selection.jpg
2018 Council Selection.jpg
2018 Citizens Selection.jpg

2018 Expo

The 2018 Westarctica Art Expo was held in July and August of 2018. This expo was hosted entirely on the Citizens of Westarctica Facebook page. As this was the first expo, there was only a single category: Westarctica.

There were twelve submissions covering a wide array of mediums, including traditional paintings, photography, and physical art/sculpture. Three pieces received special recognition for excellence. The creators of these three pieces were named Honored Artists.

2019 Expo

The 2019 Westarctica Art Expo was announced on 20 February of that year. It will be held in October of 2019. There will be a number of changes and improvements made to the process, including hosting the expo on the official website, expanded categories, and allowing people to submit anonymously or under an assumed name. The submission window for the Expo opened on 9 September 2019.