Goldstream Peak

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Small map showing area around Goldstream Peak, Mount Grier, and Johansen Peak

Goldstream Peak (86°41′S 148°30′W) is a peak rising to about 2,800 meters (9,200 ft) at the junction of ridges from Mount Gjertsen, Mount Grier, and Johansen Peak, in the La Gorce Mountains of Westarctica.

Discovery and name

The peak was geologically mapped by a United States Antarctic Research Program – Arizona State University field party during the 1980 - 81 season. Goldstream Peak was named by Edmund Stump, the leader of the party. The name was selected to recognize a geological phenomena on the west face of the peak which has produced gold, yellow, and brown coloration along a meandering line.

Peerage title

The Dukes of Goldstream derive their title from this peak. The 1st duke also possessed the title Viscount Grier, so-named for the neighboring Mount Grier. Upon his passing in 2023, the titles were separated and bestowed upon members of the Honorary Consular Corps.

Sterling MacLeod is the 2nd Duke of Goldstream and current holder of the title.