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Logo of the Grand Unified Micronational

The Grand Unified Micronational (commonly abbrieviated as the GUM) is an intermicronational organisation with the aim of helping diplomatic relations between micronations, with a general focus on its own member states. Based around the MicroWiki Community and founded in January 2009, the GUM held an almost hegemonic sway over the community from the summer of 2009 until it declined in the summer of 2010.


The Grand Unified Micronational was founded in January 2009 by Tsar Royalé Jacob Tierney of Scientopia (predecessor of Renasia). The constitutionally recognised founding member states of Grand Unified Micronational were the Kingdom of Camuria, the Democratic People’s Republic of Erusia, Scientopia, the Republic of Petorio, Stigistan, Tozland and the Federal Republic of St.Charlie.

At the end of July 2010, the organization fell into inactivity. A possible merge with the Organisation of Active Micronations was unsuccessfully proposed (the OAM rejecting all terms offered), and Acting Chairman James von Puchow announced on 22 August a reform that was intended to bring the GUM back to activity in mid-September 2010. However, no action was taken during the month other than the disbanding of the Councils, and James von Puchow announced on 20 September 2010 that he had dissolved the organization.

On 14 August 2011, the GUM was reborn and acting leaders were quickly elected - Tierney as Acting Chair, Sörgel as Acting Vice-Chair, and Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia as Supreme Judge. It was decided that the GUM should have a month of consolidation and gradual regrowth before publicly announcing its rebirth to the community, both in order to protect some of its current members.

In December 2014 activity in the GUM started to decline. Wyvern, a long-time member state, renounced its membership in February 2015. Although plans were made during the March 2015 elections by candidates Adam I and James I to restore the GUM's reputation, it was announced that the election was invalid due to turnout being too low. The growing consensus both inside and outside the organization was that it was time to dissolve the GUM for good. The motions to repeal the necessary articles were passed on 14 June 2015, at which point the Grand Unified Micronational was officially dissolved.

On 14 April 2016, at the behest of Emperor Jonathan of Austenasia, the GUM was reborn again with 18 member states.


Delegates at the 2019 GUM Summit

The GUM was heavily involved in mediation between disputes over Antarctic claims. During the Siple War, the organisation originally backed Finismund and Flandrensis, but later adopted a neutral view of the conflict.

The leaders of the GUM have organized two events known as the 24 Hour Quorum - during a 24 hour period, the members of the GUM meet in an online forum and raise money which is donated to various charity groups.

In 2019, a GUM Summit was held in Birmingham, England. Eight member nations, plus an Honorary Consul from Westarctica attended the event.

On 30 June 2022, the Grand Unified Micronational awarded Westarctica its "Best Non-GUM Micronation" award as part of the 2022 Development Awards.

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