Gurnon Peninsula

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Map of the Gurnon Peninsula

Gurnon Peninsula (74°22′S 110°35′W) is a completely ice-covered peninsula about 10 nautical miles (20 km) long, between Park Glacier and Bunner Glacier in the northeast part of the Bear Peninsula of Westarctica.

Discovery and name

It was first mapped by the United States Geological Survey from air photos obtained by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump in January 1947. The Gurnon Peninsula was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in honor of Lieutenant P.J. Gurnon, U.S. Navy, a Lockheed Hercules aircraft commander in Antarctica during Operation Deep Freeze 1965–67.

Peerage title

On 22 June 2020, Leonel Limonte was granted the peerage title Count of Gurnon in recognition of his support of Westarctica.