Principality of Wy

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The Prince of Wy holding his flag

The Principality of Wy is a micronation in Australia that is located in the Sydney suburb of Mosman.

In 2004 Paul Delprat seceded from Mosman and develop his own country in response to a lengthy dispute with the local council government. After 20 years of seeking planning permission, he lost his appeal in 2013.


In 1993 the Delprat family applied to build a driveway to their house over an unbuilt road, leading to a long-running battle with the Mosman council. Eventually, on 15 November 2004, Paul Delprat claimed to secede from Mosman, although not from Australia, claiming that he was a prince of the Principality of Wy.

The community has been noted by international and local news outlets; however, there is still no local, national or international recognition of the community.

His Serene Highness Prince Paul attended PoliNation, the first Australian conference of micronation leaders on Dangar Island in 2010, which was sponsored by Macquarie University.

Contributions to the arts

The community is an active patron of art and sponsors an art prize. Representatives from the principality have also been invited to open exhibitions and give talks in the local community and throughout the state. Art reviews and articles have appeared in art society newsletters and are published on the Principality of Wy website in support of local and renowned artists.

Private exhibitions are held within the principality by invitation and public exhibitions are open at the embassy in Georges Heights, featuring works by new and emerging artists.