Westarctica, Land of the Brave

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"Westarctica, Land of the Brave" is the national anthem of Westarctica and, along with "God Save Westarctica" and "Go West," is one of Westarctica's national symbols.


"Westarctica, Land of the Brave" was written and composed by Lady Thurston in May or June of 2006 with the specific intention that it be performed by her son, Sean.

The piece was essentially forgotten about after the various changes in power and by the time Grand Duke Travis returned to the throne in 2010, nobody in Westarctica's government was even aware the song existed.

In March of 2018, while digging through some of her old files to help remember the "troubled times," the song's composer, Lady Thurston, shared the audio recording of her son singing the song while accompanying himself on the piano. Grand Duke Travis found the song so inspirational that he immediately declared it Westarctica's new national anthem, replacing "God Save Westarctica," which had served as Westarctica's national anthem in the interim.


The song is a 12-bar long melody in F-major in 4/4 time, following an A-B-A form with melodic range of an 11th. The song contains a "please stand" intro, an introduction that proclaims the song is about to start. It also has a strong opening interval, considered "bold" or "brave" in a musical sense. The repetition of the A section helps the tune become memorable. The song ends with a 5/1 resolution, making it quick and concise. The bridge, however, is similar to that of a modern pop song. A music analyst stated: "It does a lot in little time."


Westarctica, land of the brave and free
Where all our dreams will be
Waiting for me

Where once were trees, are icy skies
What mysteries beneath you lie

Westarctica, in all its majesty
Adventure waits for me
Peaceful and free

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