2023 Dracul State Visit

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Delegates at the 2023 State Visit with Dracul. From Left to Right: Grand Duke Travis, Prince Stephen of Dracul, Chancellor Williams, Commander Millner.

The 2023 Dracul State Visit was a diplomatic event which occurred between Westarctica and the Commonwealth of Dracul on 23 November 2023. It was the first face-to-face meeting between representatives of the two countries, and the culmination of their longstanding friendship. The entire visit took approximately four hours.


Grand Duke Travis arrived in Dracul and was greeted by Prince Stephen and Chancellor Whisper Williams. After a brief formal reception, the dignitaries hoisted the flags of Dracul and Kolios in Bran House, the government headquarters of Dracul. The flag of Kolios was utilized due to Prince Stephen's close association with the colony as well as the fact that Grand Duke Travis' flag of Westarctica was in Antarctica at the time of the visit.

Commander Mark Millner of the Dracul Army arrived as the flags were raised and assisted with video and photography to capture the state visit as it unfolded.

The Grand Duke bestowed knighthoods in the Order of the Polar Cross upon Chancellor Williams and Commander Millner before he elevated Prince Stephen to the degree of Knight Grand Commander in the Order of the Snowflake. In return, Chancellor Williams presented the Grand Duke with a Chancellor Commendation Certificate in recognition of the strong ties between the two nations.

Treaty review

Chancellor Williams of Dracul and Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica reviewing their 2019 treaty.

Following the awards ceremony, Grand Duke Travis and Chancellor Williams sat down at the negotiating table and reviewed the original 2019 treaty between Dracul and Westarctica. They determined the treaty, which had been signed by the 1st Duke of Goldstream, was valid and did not require updating. In the spirit of celebration, they both signed the treaty to reaffirm their commitment to diplomacy and friendship.

Tour of Dracul

After the treaty was signed, the delegation conducted an extended tour of Dracul's territory, which is located inside a park in the city of Houston, Texas. The weather was perfect for the outdoor activity and all parts of Dracul were visited. While the government officials discussed Dracul's history and micronationalism in general, Commander Millner lent his expertise in ecological sciences, pointing out facts of scientific interest.

Post-visit activities

At the conclusion of the state visit in Dracul, the delegation attended a diplomatic luncheon at a nearby Olive Garden, and then visited a metaphysical shop in a Houston shopping mall. The store's owner is in the process of creating her own micronation and thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss the challenges of running a new country project with the two experienced monarchs.

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