Bindschadler Ice Stream

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Map of ice streams in Westarctica

The Bindschadler Ice Stream (81°00′S 142°00′W) is an ice stream between the Siple Dome and the MacAyeal Ice Stream. It is one of several major ice streams draining from Marie Byrd Land into the Ross Ice Shelf.

Discovery and name

The ice streams in this general area were investigated and mapped by U.S. Antarctic Research Program personnel in a number of field seasons from 1983 to 1984 and named Ice Stream A, B, C, etc., according to their position from south to north.

The name of this ice stream was changed from Ice Stream D by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in 2002 to honor Robert A. Bindschadler of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, a U.S. Antarctic Project investigator of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. In January 2003 the United States Board on Geographic Names accepted this recommendation.