Colonial Estates

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Stone marker showing the location of a Colonial Estate

The Colonial Estates is a region of the Colony of Calsahara that has been subdivided into small estates that are gifted to members of the Peerage of Westarctica and other supporters of Calsahara.

Creation of the Estates

Following the 29 October 2017 liberation of Calsahara, Grand Duke Travis gave the entire 120 acre colony to the people of Westarctica with a specific section set aside to honor the Hereditary Nobles, many of whom contributed to the costs associated with the creation of the Westarctican Royal Guards. To help encourage development and beautification of the colony, the Grand Duke and his military governor, the Captain-General of Calsahara, gave each supporting noble a ten square foot estate.

Law and titles

Three students from USC Film School plotting out the borders of their Colonial Estate in 2018

The Colonial Estates are governed by the laws laid out in the Charter of the Colonial Estates.

Anyone granted a Colonial Estate is said to have Manorial Rights and is entitled to be known as a "Lord/Lady of the Manor." This title is generally only used within the borders of Calsahara as most holders of Manorial Rights are already nobles of Westarctica. The grant certificates are all hand-signed using a feather quill known as the Timothy Quill which was given to Grand Duke Travis by King Timothy of Shiloh.

Location within Calsahara

The location of the Colonial Estates is the southwest corner of Calsahara's capital city, Otisburg. As of yet, each estate is only decorated with a stone marker etched with the name of the Estate as well as the year it was created. All holders of Manorial Rights are encouraged to add decorations, landscaping, or other improvements to suit their tastes.

List of Estates

Manorial Titles

Estate Name Year of Creation Holder of Manorial Rights
Groff Manor 2017 Lady Sherri
Galati Manor 2017 Lady Tina
Williams Manor 2017 Lady Claire
Schenkman Manor 2017 Lady Kelly
Lower Manor 2017 Lady Rebecca
Wilcomes Manor 2017 Lady Rebecca
Wolf Manor 2017 Lady Michele
Gage Manor 2017 Lady Robin
Blacketter Manor 2017 Lady Erin
Sanders Manor 2017 Lady Sheri
Pulipati Manor 2017 Lord Dinny
Zanne Manor 2017 Lord Massimo
Whisman Manor 2017 Lord Matthew
Metelits Manor 2017 Lord Michael
Perkins Manor 2017 Lord Terry
Delange Manor 2017 Lord Thomas
Castro Manor 2017 Lord Vicente
Moore Manor 2017 Lord Jeremy
Beuvelet Manor 2017 Lord Yannick
Gonzalez Manor 2017 Lord Pedro Vázquez
Farmer Manor 2017 Lord Jordan
Means Manor 2017 Lord Daniel
Naniot Manor 2017 Lord Thibaut
Callahan Manor 2017 Lord Chase
Keister Manor 2017 Lord Thomas
Paiewonsky Manor 2017 Lord Louis
Bellomo Manor 2017 Lord Marco
Bertoni Manor 2017 Lord Martino
White Manor 2017 Lord Erik
Rogers Manor 2017 Lord Jeffrey
Outer Moore Manor 2017 Lady Beth
McNulty Manor 2017 Lord Brady
Outer Schenkman Manor 2018 Lord Benjamin
USC Manor 2018 Lord Cody, Lady Ciara, Lady Liat
Garing Manor 2018 Lord George
Kawczak Manor 2018 Lady Clara