Crary Mountains

The Crary Mountains (76°48′S 117°40′W) is a group of ice-covered Antarctic mountains, 56 km (35 mi) long, rising to 3,655 m at Mount Frakes. The mountains are located 80 km (50 mi) SW of Toney Mountain in Westarctica.

Map of the Crary Mountains

Discovery and name

The mountains were probably among those viewed by Admiral Richard E. Byrd and other members of the USAS in plane flights from the ship Bear on Feb. 24 and 25, 1940. They were mapped in the course of the 1957-58 oversnow traverse from Byrd Station to the Sentinel Range led by Charles R. Bentley, and named after Albert P. Crary, who was then Deputy Chief Scientist for the US-IGY Antarctic Program.

Prominent features