Dean Island

Dean Island is an ice-covered island, 37 kilometers (20 nmi) long and 19 kilometers (10 nmi) wide, lying within the Getz Ice Shelf and midway between Grant Island and Siple Island, off the coast of Westarctica.

Getz Ice Shelf to Bear Island.jpg

Geographic features

Birdwell Point is on the northernmost tip of the island and the southernmost tip is named Cole Point and is approximately five kilometers away from the mainland. The highest elevation point in the center of the island has not yet been named.

Discovery and name

It was first sighted from a distance of 37 kilometers (20 nmi) from the USS Glacier on 5 February 1962, and was named for Chief Warrant Officer S.L. Dean, U.S. Navy, Electrical Officer on the Glacier at the time of discovery.

Detailed map of Dean Island