Grand Republic of Cycoldia

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Grand Republic of Cycoldia
Flag of Cycoldia.jpg

Grandeur by Force
Two Grenadiers
Houston, Texas
Capital city Empreton
Official language(s) English
Short name Cycoldia
Demonym Cycoldian
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II
- Prime Minister Avery Prasatik
- Chief Marshal Moradin Fenri
Legislature Parliament
Established 6 November 2018
Area claimed 5.5891943 km2
Population 250 2022 estimate
Currency United States dollar
Time zone UTC+7

Official website

The Grand Republic of Cycoldia, (pronounced /sikoʊldiə/), commonly known as Cycoldia is a micronation located in Houston, Texas.


The Grand Republic was founded on 6 November 2018, under the name "Republic of Cycoldia."

A month later, on 11 December, the then incumbent Chief of the Armed Forces was found to be plotting to overthrow the government, agreeing to a rank reduction to recruit before then being discharged after it was found that they had continued planning such coup, then pleading guilty to a sentence of three years of exile.

On 25 August 2019, Summi Imperatoria Christina I declared that she would be temporarily handing over the government to the recently announced Regent. The Summi Imperatoria did continue to act in the nation, as she suspended the requests for citizenship and interacted with the citizens. Although she did this she still had continued to stay away from acting on foreign diplomacy and foreign interactions, differing to the Regent for those. The shutdown ended up lasting 3 days, with the Summi Imperatoria enacting that the government would be active and operational. The Regent kept their position and the (at the time) Prime Minister had become more interactive to the government and the features of aiding the citizens.

During the year of 2020 Cycoldia expanded, becoming more involved in the MicroWiki Sector and having more involvement with micronations outside of the sector as well, such as Dracul. Christina I as well interacted with more in person meetings, such as one with Stephen Luke, Shiro, and Charles von Graustark.


Summi Imperatoria Christina I & II speaking at MicroCon 2022

Cycoldia was founded as an absolute monarchy, but it later changed to a constitutional monarchy upon the signing of the constitution on 7 May 2019. Historically as well there were attempts though to alter this, such as the short lived Constitutionalist Party who had wished to alter the Cycoldian constitution in favour of heightened republican changes to government. The government of Cycoldia works as a constitutional monarchy, with the Constitution limiting the government and speaking on the ways to elect leaders.

The Executive Branch is the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Chief of Staff (this will sometimes be coupled with the Departmental system). The Regent is essentially the Crown Prince/Princess, they are as the essentially Vice Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria, but they are able to lead large sections of the government, even when the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is there. The Regent also acts as Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria whenever they are not there to make actions and run the government.

The Judicial Branch is lead by the Court of Houston, and leads over the entire judicial system of Cycoldia, although the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is the Chief Justice of the Court of Houston.

The third and final branch of government is the Legislative Branch, which only comprises the General Assembly, although also in the General Assembly the Summi Imperator/Summi Imperatoria is the Speaker of the General Assembly. The Prime Minister also acts as the Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly when the Speaker is not present.

The CSDF also is the official police department of the Cycoldian government. It is also a piece of the government according to the Constitution of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.


Cycoldia has been quite diplomatically focused in its history, with the Foreign Office managing most affairs diplomatically. The Foreign Minister is the primary official to manage any issue of diplomacy, though at times the Summi Imperatoria may intervene. The current Foreign Minister is Arthur Lacey-Scott. While policies have differed on the entry of diplomats, the position of a border officer (BO) has continued. The sole incident that has occurred on diplomatic entry have been some issues of misuse of it, though it is a rare occurrence.

Cycoldia was formerly was a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, joining on 10 November 2019 and then exiting on 26 April 2020. It is also a member of the YAMO Federation, being a founding member of the organisation, as well as a member of the Cycoldian Imperium, being the leading nation of it. Cycoldia sent delegations to MicroCon 2019, the Trinational Summit, and MicroCon 2022.

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