Laws of Westarctica

Westarctican law is the system of ordinances, regulations, and decrees that establish Westarctica's legal system.

Constitution and Amendments

The Westarctican Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Constitutional Amendments will carry the prefix CA, and will be numbered sequentially by the year created (i.e. CA-2020-001). All laws must be built around the constitution, and any perceived discrepancies will defer to the constitution.

Grand Ducal Court Decisions

While not specifically laws, Grand Ducal Court decisions can clarify the implementation of the Constitution and other laws, and are considered an extension of the implementation of the law. These may be rendered obsolete by Constitutional Amendment or a more recent ruling on the same matter (not within a period of five years of the previous ruling). Grand Ducal Court decisions will carry the prefix GC and will be sequentially numbered by the year created (i.e. GC-2020-001).

Westarctican Ordinances

Westarctican Ordinances is the category which the bulk of laws fall under. These laws can be repealed by another ordinance, rendered obsolete by the Constitution (as was be the case with WO-2019-001 through WO-2019-003), or deemed unconstitutional by Grand Ducal Court decision. These laws originate in the Senate of Westarctica before approval by the Prime Minister's office. Westarctican Ordinances carry the prefix WO and are numbered sequentially by the year they were created.

Royal Decrees

Royal Decrees are official proclamations from the Sovereign. As laws, they are considered to be of lower authority to Westarctican Ordinances, but are the primary means of codifying matters which fall entirely under Grand Ducal authority. Royal Decrees carry the prefix RD and are sequentially numbered by the year they were created (i.e. RD-2020-001).