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The Constitution of Westarctica is the supreme law of Westarctica and shall serve as a living and lasting document that guides the future Government of Westarctica. It was ratified and signed into law on 3 March 2020 after nearly one year of debate, discussion, and revision.


Throughout its history, Westarctica has had several legal codes, which effectively served as the law of the land, although none actually bore the title "constitution."

In sequence of their implementation, these codes were:

Creation of a constitution

Following an explosion in Westarctica's population and the creation of a Royal Council, it became obvious that it would be beneficial for future generation to have certain policies and procedures listed in writing. To formalize this process, on 13 April 2019, Grand Duke Travis brought together seven Westarcticans, including several noble peers, Knights of the Snowflake, and common citizens in a group known as the First Constitutional Convention.

The members of the Convention were directed to review all of Westarctica's previous legal codes and decide which elements would be useful and discard the rest, then make their own suggestions for laws and policies to be incorporated into the new constitution.

Following the completion of this draft, the various segments of Westarctica's population had an opportunity to discuss (and suggest revisions for) the document before a ratification vote, which was held 7-9 February 2020. No article received less than a 95% approval vote. The Grand Duke approved the constitution and it became effective on 3 March 2020.

Contents of the Constitution

The constitution consists of 83 sequentially numbered articles, divided into 9 main topics, called "parts." These parts are sometimes broken up into subtopics, called "chapters."

  • Preamble
  • Part I: The Constitution
    • Article 1: Objective of the Constitution
    • Article 2: Implementation of the Constitution
  • Part II: The Grand Duchy of Westarctica
  • Part III: Citizenship
    • Article 6: Citizenship
  • Part IV: Government of Westarctica
  • Part V: Fundamental Rights and Liberties
    • Chapter I: Overview
      • Article 24: Applicability
      • Article 25: Equality and Discrimination
    • Chapter II: Rights and Liberties of Self and Property
      • Article 26: Basic Human and Personal Rights
      • Article 27: Bodily Autonomy and Integrity
      • Article 28: Gender and Sex in Westarctica
      • Article 29: Slavery
      • Article 30: Land Holdings
      • Article 31: Autonomy of Personal Possessions
      • Article 32: Seizure and Forfeiture of Personal Possessions
      • Article 33: Right to Privacy
      • Article 34: Freedom of Expression and Information
      • Article 35: Firearms
    • Chapter III: Freedom of Profession, Affiliation, and Activity
      • Article 36: Freedom of Profession
      • Article 37: Freedom of Research, Science, and Teaching
      • Article 38: Freedom of Religion and Belief
      • Article 39: Right to Assemble and Associate
      • Article 40: Interpersonal Rights
      • Article 41: Civil Unions
      • Article 42: Marriages and Private Unions
      • Article 43: Procreation and Childrearing
    • Chapter IV: Procedural Rights
      • Article 44: General Procedural Rights
      • Article 45: Torture
      • Article 46: Capital Punishment
      • Article 47: Drug Use
      • Article 48: Access to Courts
      • Article 49: Fair Trial
      • Article 50: Criminal Justice
      • Article 51: Prison Labor
      • Article 52: Extradition and Trial for Violation of International Laws
      • Article 53: Temporary Confiscation of Firearms
      • Article 54: Right to Challenge Laws
      • Article 55: Acts of Terrorism
    • Chapter V: Other Considerations
      • Article 56: Right to Found Political Parties
      • Article 57: Right to Resistance
      • Article 58: Good Samaritan Laws
      • Article 59: Forfeiture of Rights
      • Article 60: Rights Concerning Minors
      • Article 61: Rights Concerning Dual-Citizens
  • Part VI: Duties, Responsibilities, and Restrictions
    • Chapter I: National Duties and Restrictions
      • Article 62: National Security
      • Article 63: Taxation
      • Article 64: Admissible Restrictions
      • Article 65: National Religion
      • Article 66: Monopolies on activities
      • Article 67: States of Emergency
    • Chapter II: Duties and Restrictions of the Individual
      • Article 68: Prohibited Political Activities
      • Article 69: Monopolies on objects
      • Article 70: Special Restrictions
  • Part VII: The Peerage of Westarctica
    • Article 71: Overview of the Peerage
    • Article 72: Hereditary Peerages
    • Article 73: Life Peerages
    • Article 74: Courtesy Titles
    • Article 75: Ranks and Titles of the Peerage
    • Article 76: Creation of Peers
    • Article 77: Censure of Peers
    • Article 78: Protection of Royals and Nobles
    • Article 79: Financial Remuneration for the Royal Family
  • Part VIII: Colonies
    • Article 80: Colonies and Other Territorial Possessions of Westarctica
  • Part IX: Process of Amendments

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