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Flag established by the Transitional Government

The Transitional Government was the name for the executive branch of Westarctica's government that supervised the transition of power from Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence to Travis McHenry. It lasted from 3 June 2010 until 21 September 2012, when the Charter of Westarctica re-established the authority of the Grand Duke and the Prime Minister.

Background of the transition

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Westarctica's international prestige was severely damaged by the events of the Siple War, leading Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence to declare an isolationist policy and cease external relations with foreign nations. The Siple War also left the government of Westarctica internally fractured with the majority of the Baronage and Grand Ducal Cabinet openly criticizing the Grand Duke's handling of the conflict. In December 2009, Westarctica's official website went down permanently, and throughout early 2010, Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence stopped responding to e-mails altogether.

The events of Jon-Lawrence's reign left the cabinet and Baronage with grave doubts about his ability to govern and in May 2010, they expressed a lack of confidence in his abilities in an e-mail sent to the founder of Westarctica, Travis McHenry. Since departing the throne in 2006, Travis had not been involved in Westarctica in any meaningful way, and had recently become ruler of another micronation, the Kingdom of Calsahara. Their entreaties moved Travis to return to the throne of Westarctica as Grand Duke once again and together with the members of the cabinet and the Baronage, he led a coup that toppled the rule of Grand Duke Jon-Lawrence.

Transitional Government

Wolf Tulier, Prime Minister of Westarctica (2010 - 2017)

The transitional government was controlled by Travis McHenry (as "Protector of Westarctica") and Wolf Tulier (as Prime Minister of Westarctica) who ruled the nation as co-executives.

The first act of the new government was to release the Policy Statement of the Transitional Government issued by the Prime Minister and Protector of Westarctica on 04 June 2010. This policy statement explained the events of the coup and assuming full responsibility for removing Jon-Lawrence from power. It contained the following six points:

  • Suspension of the Grand Ducal Mandate
  • Machinery of Administration of the Transitional Government - Giving the Transitional Government full authority to act on behalf of Westarctica.
  • Appointment of Prime Minister
  • External Affairs Policy - Maintaining existing treaties and expressing a desire for peace in Antarctica.
  • Dissolution of Monarchy - Preserving all noble titles, except that of the Grand Duke. Also changed name of the country from "Grand Duchy of Westarctica" to just "Westarctica."
  • Adoption of a New Flag

Activities of the Transitional Government

The government's first priority was securing peace in Antarctica. The new Prime Minister began negotiations that led to Westarctica joining the Antarctic Micronational Union and signing the West-Antarctic Treaty which formally ended all hostilities between the parties of the Siple War.

Following the successful peace talks, the primary function of the government became maintaining the official website and answering questions about Westarctica from the public. No major activities were undertaken aside from a brief diplomatic visit in 2012 between the Protector of Westarctica and King Christopher of Vikesland in Beverly Hills, California.

End of the Transitional Government

In November 2014, the monarchy was officially restored and Travis was elevated from "Protector" to Grand Duke once again. The transitional government was dissolved by the Charter of Westarctica. Wolf Tulier retained his position as Prime Minister.