Succession to the Crown and Throne of Westarctica

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The Succession to the Crown and Throne of Westarctica is the process by which the authority and title of the Grand Duke of Westarctica may be transferred from one holder to another. The specific method by which the transfer should occur is codified by law in Article 13 of the Constitution of Westarctica. According to the Constitution, the reigning Grand Duke is required to write a succession plan with at least four names.

There is no specific requirement to qualify as an heir to the throne aside from selection by the Grand Duke. The succession plan does not take gender, age, or other status into consideration; however, if the time comes that an heir is required to ascend to the throne, the Succession Committee is responsible for ensuring the designated heir is willing and able to serve in the role of Sovereign. If the heir declines to serve as Sovereign, the Committee members then contact the next heir in the line of succession until a new Sovereign has been invested or the list has been exhausted.

Current Line of Succession

The current line of succession to the throne of Westarctica was established on 11 September 2022 in Royal Decree RD-2022-003 issued by Grand Duke Travis. Sealed copies of this decree were deposited with the three senior members of the Royal Council: the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, and the Minister of Defense. Each was instructed to only open the envelope in the event of the Grand Duke's abdication or untimely death.

Although Grand Duke Travis was not required to restrict the line of succession to direct descendants, or even to members of the McHenry family, the current heirs to the throne are comprised of his sons and his nieces and nephew in order of their birth. Each child is the first-born among the Grand Duke's brother and sisters.

Line of Succession
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2. Prince Daniel Nicholas Nicholas Portrait 2024.jpg
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