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Westarctican Ordinances are one of four kinds of laws within Westarctica.

Process of Creation

Ordinances are the main process through which laws are created in Westarctica. Laws are created and proposed by the office of the Prime Minister. These laws can be suggested by citizens, the Prime Minister, or even the Sovereign. No matter where the idea originates, the actual ordinance is drafted by the Prime Minister's office and submitted to the Sovereign for approval.

Ordinance Naming Structure

Ordinances carry the prefix WO, and are numbered sequentially by the year they were created.

List of Ordinances

  • WO-2019-001 - Established the Grand Ducal Court (rendered obsolete by Constitution on 15 February 2020)
  • WO-2019-002 - Established annual voting weekend (rendered obsolete by Constitution on 15 February 2020)
  • WO-2019-003 - Established means of succession for Westarctican throne. (rendered obsolete by Constitution on 15 February 2020)
  • WO-2020-001 - Limited length of term for using a Royal Decree to pass laws to two years, with one renewal.
  • WO-2020-002 - Structure of holidays and observances.
  • WO-2020-003 - Established National Holidays.
  • WO-2020-004 - Established Cultural Holidays.
  • WO-2020-005 - Established Days of Observance.