Marana Accords

The Marana Accords are an agreement between Westarctica and the Principality of Kolios that resulted in Kolios becoming a protectorate of Westarctica.

Signing of the Marana Accords. From left to right: Countess Erin of Cloud Ridge, Prince Garibald, Grand Duke Travis, Duke August of Fox Grove

The accords were a major event in the history of Kolios and the signing was featured as a front page story in Westarctica Quarterly.


The Kingdom of Kolios's Princess Arlene abdicated her role as Empress of the Agberian Empire on 29 March 2021. On 5 July of that year, she placed the kingdom in a Regency period under Chancellor Nicholas Young. Her long-term plan was to abdicate her throne entirely in favor of Margrave Jordan von Sulli.

However, at that time, Margrave Jordan was serving in the role of Prime Minister of Westarctica. As Prime Minister, the Constitution of Westarctica prohibited him from concurrent service in the government of another nation. As there were no other suitable nobles to take Princess Arlene's place on the throne of Kolios, His Exzellenz began working on what became known as “The Kolios Problem.”

From 5 May to 18 August 2021, negotiations took place between Deputy Prime Minister Brendan Cook and Margrave Jordan. Both parties agreed to what would become known as the Marana Accords. In the Accords, Kolios would be placed under Westarctican authority.

Margrave Jordan, under the regnal name Prince Garibald, ascended into power on 26 February 2022.

Signing of accords

Just over 24 hours after Prince Garibald's ascension, he and Grand Duke Travis met in a small underground cellar in the city of Marana, Arizona to sign the accords that would formally make Kolios a territorial holding of Westarctica. Also present at the signing were Duke of Fox Grove and Countess Erin of Cloud Ridge.

Prior to the accords, Prince Garibald issued sixteen “Princely Edicts,” initiatives intended to set up and smooth the transition from kingdom to protectorate. The edicts range from the withdrawal of Kolios from the Empire of Agber to restructuring Koliosian nobility to officially secularizing the government. He also made a number of appointments, elevating Koliosian nobles to higher ranks. In an effort to bridge the two nations, he also created a number of new nobles, drawing them from both Koliosian and Westarctican citizenship rosters.

The successful accords resulted in the Provincial Charter of the Westarctican Protectorate of Kolios becoming the new law of Kolios.