Minister of Theocratic Affairs

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Blue stepped cross symbolizing the Ministry of Theocratic Affairs

The Minister of Theocratic Affairs was a position in the Grand Ducal Cabinet of Westarctica responsible for giving religious advice and guidance to the Grand Duke of Westarctica and acting as a spiritual shepherd to the citizens of the nation.

Creation of the office

On 10 February 2005, Grand Duke Travis discovered a rival claimant to Marie Byrd Land while researching micronations on the internet. This claimant was known as the "Theologian of the Mars Sovereignty" and purported to lead a Evangelical Christian theocracy with claims in Antarctica and on the planet Mars.

In the process of negotiating with the claimant to relinquish his Antarctic claims, Grand Duke Travis offered him the title Duke of Sidley and a position in the Grand Ducal Cabinet as Minister of Theocratic Affairs.

First Minister

The Duke of Sidley lasted less than six months as Minister of Theocratic Affairs before causing significant consternation among the other nobles and cabinet ministers. It was not until the Duke began advocating polygamy in Westarctica's public forum that the Grand Duke finally dismissed him from the government, disbarred him from the nobility, and sentenced him to exile.

Second Minister

Following the Duke of Sidley's dismissal, Lady Thurston, the mother of the Princess of Thurston was appointed to take his place. As a graduate of seminary college and an ordained Reverend, she performed admirably in the role and restored faith in the continued existence of a national religion in Westarctica.