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The Minister of Information of Westarctica was a Royal Council position within in the government of Westarctica that reported directly to Grand Duke of Westarctica. The post was abolished on 8 May 2019.

Creation of office and duties

The Ministry of Information was created on 25 March 2005. The incumbent Minister was the Marquis de Merovingi, who was a friend of Grand Duke Travis as well as a graphic designer and webmaster. The original duties of the Minister of Information were that of webmaster, responsible for updating and managing Westarctica's official website.

When the ministerial position was offered to the Marquis, the offer was phrased:

I'm offering you the position of Minister of the Information. Your primary duties would be website maintenance and graphic creation. You'd be totally independent, with no one to answer to and would also get a plot of land/title of nobility. We would be working together with the other members of the government to turn this country into something truly great.

Deputy minister

The Duke of Ravencroft briefly had a deputy minister to assist him in his duties. This post was held by Michael Whyte, who would be granted the title Count of Mintz in recognition of his work in the position.

Changes to the Role

The next Minister of Information, the Baron of Bastanchury, was appointed on 22 March 2018 with the responsibility of assisting the recording and dissemination of information regarding Westarctica via Encyclopedia Westarctica. The ministry was dissolved on 8 May 2019 and absorbed into the function of the Ministry of Technology, where it is technically now a department.