Smith Glacier

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Crevasses on Smith Glacier between Kohler Range and Mt Murphy

Smith Glacier is a low-gradient Antarctic glacier, over 160 km (100 mi) long, draining from Toney Mountain, Westarctica in an east-northeast direction to the Amundsen Sea.

A northern distributary, the Kohler Glacier, drains to Dotson Ice Shelf but the main flow passes to the sea between Bear Peninsula and Mount Murphy, terminating at the Crosson Ice Shelf.

Discovery and name

Mapped by U.S. Geologic Survey from ground surveys and U.S. Navy air reconnaissance photos, 1959–65.

It was named by US-ACAN after Philip M. Smith (Smith Bluffs), Deputy Director, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation, who in the period 1956–71 participated in a large number of expeditions to Antarctica in field and supervisory capacities.