Viscount of Reynolds

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His Lordship
The Viscount of Reynolds
Knight Grand Commander of the Snowflake

2nd Viscount of Reynolds
Title held 21 February 2015 - Present
Preceded by Justin Rich

Terry Perkins, the Second Viscount of Reynolds, has been a supporter of Westarctica since 2015. His Lordship was instrumental in creating the Order of the Snowflake and was granted the first knighthood in the order in thanks for his assistance. He was later upgraded to Knight Grand Commander.


The Viscount of Reynolds derives his peerage title from Reynolds Ridge, a rock ridge in the McCuddin Mountains of Westarctica. Terry Perkins is the second holder of the title, the first being Justin Rich, who was disbarred for lack of ability on 21 February 2005. Terry assumed the title on the 10th anniversary of the original disbarment.