Westarctican dollar (paper currency)

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Prototype design for a 5 Westarctican Dollars banknote

The Westarctican dollar was a proposed denomination of paper currency to be issued by the government of Westarctica.


As early as 2005, Grand Duke Travis had attempted to design and print a high quality banknote on behalf of the Central Bank of Westarctica, which had previously only minted metal coins. However, he was never able to achieve a design or printing process of sufficient quality to issue to the public.

In 2018, when the topic of paper notes was again raised by member of the government, the Grand Duke allowed the Baron of Bastanchury to design the new banknotes. The name "Westarctican dollar" was ultimately rejected during a session of the Royal Council that August and it was decided to call the new banknotes "ice marks."

All metal coins issued by Westarctica are still called Westarctican dollars.