10 ice mark note

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The 10 ice mark note, obverse
Reverse side of the same note

The 10 ice mark note (also written ❄10 note or simply ❄10) is the second banknote denominated in ice marks to be issued by the Central Bank of Westarctica. Like the 20 ice mark note which preceded it, the 10 was designed by the Baron of Bastanchury in his capacity as Commissioner of the Treasury, and has been approved by Grand Duke Travis for distribution to the general public. The ❄10 note retains many of the stylistic features of the ❄20, but arranges many of them slightly differently and uses a completely different color scheme. Like the ❄20, however, it is printed on acid-free paper with a 25% linen, 75% cotton rag fiber content with blue and red fibers scattered throughout its makeup.


The obverse of the note contains on its left an engraved image of an emperor penguin family before a background of intricate patterns. To the right of this is the logo of the Central Bank, and to the right of this is the Lesser Arms. Before the shield is a guilloche 5-petal design in shades of purple, orange, and yellow, and superimposed on this is a bright green number 10. Across the top is another number 10 along with the symbol for the ice mark. To the right of this are the words "TEN ICE MARKS" along with the words, "This note is legal tender for all debts within Westarctica". Behind these is a white guilloche pattern.

Across the bottom of the note are the signature of the Grand Duke and the Commissioner of the Treasury. Along the left side and across the upper right are the note's serial number, which follows the same format as that for the 20 ice mark note (serial numbers not depicted in this example). The note has a black border of varying width on all sides.


The reverse of the 10 ice mark note has a large number 10 in the lower left placed upon another 5-petal guilloche pattern. This number has a yellow outline which, which viewed under a UV light, has a security feature which causes it to glow with a distinct brightness. The German form of the mark's name, "Zehn Eismark," is written in black above this, and below it is the name of the Central Bank in German, "Zentralbank von Westarctica". The center of the note shows the continent of Antarctica with the Westarctican wedge highlighted. The words, "Fortune favors the Bold" appear on the continent, along with, from the bottom to the top of the note, a dark stripe containing several small number 10s in light blue. Further to the right is the note's QR code box and in the upper right is another number 10. Guilloche patters exist throughout the reverse side of the note, and it features a background pattern composed of forward-facing penguin heads.

Special features

Previous ice mark notes were originally issued with a metallic ice mark symbol on the obverse face. Instead of this, the 10 ice mark note features a subtle embossed tactile quadruple diamond which can be felt and is visible from both sides of the note.

The black ink on the notes is impervious to water and cannot be washed away or removed with most solvents. This allows the Central Bank to replace otherwise water-damaged notes with new notes and to still retain perfect records of which serial numbers remain in circulation.