Baroness Fallone

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Her Ladyship
Baroness Fallone
Dame Grand Commander of the Snowflake

Consul to the United Kingdom
In Office August 2017 - Present
Preceded by Office Created
Spouse Barbara Bryan, KtS

The Baroness Fallone, Kim Bryan is a Westarctican diplomat and member of the Honorary Consular Corps.

Initial involvement with Westarctica

In July 2016, shortly after applying for citizenship in Westarctica, Bryan applied for a position as Honorary Consul to the United Kingdom. At that time, there was already a diplomat representing the national interests in the United Kingdom, so her application was not approved. That September, she and her wife became the first citizens of Westarctica to fly the Westarctican flag on their property. Grand Duke Travis was so touched by this gesture that he added the picture of the flag flying in their English garden to the official history book of Westarctica, The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Westarctica.

As Consul to the United Kingdom

On 4 August 2017, nearly one year after she first requested a diplomatic position, the existing Honorary Consul to Wales relocated to Hong Kong and Bryan was appointed the new Honorary Consul to the United Kingdom. She embraced this position with significant energy and enthusiasm by turning her home office into an official consulate for Westarctica.

She and her wife attended the 2018 Chiefs of Mission Meeting in Berlin, Germany. Shortly after, she was made Dame Commander in the Order of the Snowflake in recognition of her skill as a diplomat and her efforts to promote Westarctica in the UK. Shortly after the 2018 meeting, Dame Bryan and her wife attended several climate change protests in the United Kingdom, and represented Westarctica at the 2019 GUM Summit, a gathering of micronations at the University of Birmingham. It marked the first time a diplomat had represented the nation at a summit on the Grand Duke's behalf.

In recognition of her success at the GUM Summit and her continued excellence as a diplomat, Dame Bryan was raised to the rank of Consul to the United Kingdom and granted the peerage title Baroness Fallone, named for the Fallone Nunataks near the Harold Byrd Mountains. Her wife, Barbara, was granted the courtesy title Baronetess Fallone and made a Dame in the Order of the Snowflake in recognition of her participation in nearly every diplomatic event attended by Dame Bryan.

Awards and honors